Tuesday, February 23, 2010

10 Way To Propose to Your Girl Friend

Make the proposal fun: For example, create a difficult scavenger hunt, with all the clues hidden in your ex-girl friend’s houses. Make her go from door to door to find that diamond ring!

Make the proposal dramatic: We all know that girls love drama! Pretend to break up with her, but only when you have convinced her that you are leaving her, surprise her by asking for her hand in marriage!

Make the proposal efficient: Tell her over the phone that you have a very important question to ask her, a question that you need to ask in person, a question that will change both your relationship with her and your lives together, but tell her you can only ask it after she has finished cleaning both your house, sharpened the blades on the lawnmower and picked up your dry-cleaning.

Make the proposal sexy: Hire a stripper and hide the engagement ring in her cleavage. This way you can both enjoy the performance!

Make the proposal into a test of her intelligence: One effective way to do this is to talk in backwards talk all day, and slip in a marriage proposal. If she can understand backwards talk, then she is the girl for you!

Make the proposal a way to cheer her up: Wait until the perfect opportunity, such as at a relative’s funeral.

Include her friends in the proposal: Buy a gift certificate to a jewelry store, and then tell to her pick out something nice the next time she is shopping with her girlfriends.

Make the proposal memorable: Hire an actor to pose as a carjacker, and pull off “the heist” while you and your girlfriend are stopped at a red light. When the actor begins to “beat” you, have him “discover” your engagement ring…and VOILA! Not only will you be engaged, you will all share in a good laugh once she realizes that neither of your lives were ever in danger.

Make the proposal creative: I recommend that you construct a “metal detector” out of some cardboard boxes, and stencil the words “BLING DETECTOR” on it. Then make her walk under it with you. Make a big alarm sound, then pull your ring out and propose to her.

Make sure the proposal is done right: Have your mom do it for you