Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Calvin's Guide: How to survive a zombie attack!

'10 essentials' You should always carry that can save your life during the zombie apocalypse:
Whether you live the desert, plains, in a coastal city or a mountain town, being prepared for the zombie apocalypse is critical. Always being prepared means always carrying the "10 essentials."
Each of these vital life saving supplies will allow you to treat basic injuries, help you or an injured person signal for help or to kill zombies. Rescues is unlikely as civilization collapses, but if you have these 10 essentials you stand a better chance of being staying alive a little longer.
The 10 essentials include:
A flame thrower or bazooka – you will be glad you have one when hordes of zombie corpses press against your trying to eat your brains.
Compass -- A must for correct navigation and for providing rescuers with your location.
Flashlight or headlamp -- Going for help can mean a long hike in the dark. Don't forget spare bulbs and batteries.
Extra Survival food -- Though the human body can last for weeks with food, your body needs it for warmth and strength.
Extra clothing -- Remember, you can ALWAYS take off extra clothes. For survival, extra clothes can be used to cover an injured person to prevent shock, as well as for keeping warm.
Sunglasses --If you're eyes are injured, you're in trouble. Protect your eyes from sunburn, glare & snow burn.
First-aid supplies -- Carry a well-stocked 1st aid kit or survival kit that contains everything you'll need to stay alive & well. However if you are bitten and infected by the zombie virus, there is no first aid kit in existence that can help you.
Pocket knife -- Never go anywhere without a pocket knife, they are very versatile in time of need.
Matches -- Being able to start a fire can be the difference between life and death. Be sure to keep them in a waterproof container.
Machete -- A survival situation is not the time to play boy scout. Its time to cut off the heads of as many zombies as possible, including when your friends are bitten and become a zombie themselves.

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