Monday, May 11, 2009

10 Fresh & Thrilling Places to Meet Eligible Men

Do you feel that you have exhausted the same places everyone else is looking for dates? Everyone is plumbing for the same men at coffee shops, dog parks and AA meetings. It is time to try some fresh places to find nice, eligible bachelors for dating. Here are 10 new places to find men.

1. Construction sites. Are you looking for ambitious and hard working men? Then check out a nearby constuction site is the place to find it in this testosterone ladened Xanadu of manly men.

2. Interstate Truckstops. The best ones in my opinion are the isolated ones on lonely stretches of interstate. This is typically the haunts of hard working, yet perhaps lonely men with very few women around. The competition for dates is nearly non-existent out here, especially late at night.

3. Homeless shelters. Are you looking for your very own diamond in the rough? Then perhaps you need to hang out at more homeless shelters to meet men. Often, these men are on the upswing in their lives. Just think: It can only get better for your future man from here!

4. Funeral Homes. A surprisingly wonderful place to meet men! You do not even need to know the recently deceased person, but certainly some single men will come to pay their respects! You will also garner a glimpse into the family of your future boyfriend as well as gauge their emotional stablity.

5. Loading docks at a sea port. Do you want variety in your men? Or are you excited about seeing something new before anyone else sees it? Than consider spending some time at the loading docks of your local sea port. Be it Boston or Seattle, San Diego or New Orleans, the men getting off these boats are like the Pier One Imports of men!

6. The Great American Appalachian Trail. How about 2175 miles of potential eligible athletic men? Sure, they might smell a bit musky after being on the trail and not bathing for weeks, but think of the strong hard bodies that you will find on the trail while working on your own personal fitness.

7. 24 Hour Breakfast Establishments. Not only a great place to get such favorites as “Moon’s Over my Hammie” or “Adam & Eve on a Raft”, but think of the wonderful, interesting, and exciting people you could meet at 3am over coffee and bacon.

8. Strip Clubs. Clearly, the men in these clubs are looking for wonderful women to spend a lifetime spoiling. At first glance, it may seem if the competition to snag the best bachelors is to strong, but the employee/customer relationship is usually discouraged! You are free to snag the best of the best from those working girls!

9. Laundry Mats. Not only are you sure to meet interesting and artistic types, you will also find some men who are concerned with personal hygiene. That is always a plus in my book!

10. Prison. This is perhaps the best way to make a long term commitment in finding your ideal mate. Spend some quality time writing letters to inmates. Share with each other really intimate details of one another’s lives. In 7 to 10 years, you could have the most wonderful date of all time!

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