Monday, May 4, 2009

8 Easy and Practical Steps to Avoid Demon Possession

I get asked all the time by everyday folks about the best ways to avoid being possessed by the devil. In order to more effectively help people just like you, I have come up with eight easy and practical steps to avoid having your soul possessed by demons. These steps, if followed correctly, will not only allow you go through your day completely free of fear from demonic possession, but help you live a happier, more fulfilled life.

1. Do not enter any business contracts with the devil. Selling your soul to the devil is a surefire path to demonic possession. In this market, once your soul is owned by the devil, he can reclaim it, renovate it, and put on the infernal market where it is likely to be snatched up and inhabited very quickly by any interested demon. Rule of thumb: It is never a good idea to sign a contract given to you by a demon. Entering into a business relationship of any kind with the devil rarely leads to anything profitable

2. Do not convert to a religion or cult that considered by most as innately “evil”. Converting to a cult or a religion deemed “evil” will certainly open your soul to demonic possession. Be on the alert! “Conversion” to an evil religion can come in hidden and often convoluted forms. “Baptism into Satanism” is the most obvious, but also avoid such things as “Taking the Bar Exam”, “Employment with the IRS”, “Watching Reality TV”, “Going to the DMV” as well. All lead to weakened morals and therefore a soul ripe for demonic possession.

3. Wear a lot of religious themed jewelry. This is not a case where less is more. I recommend wearing as many Christian symbols as possible, such as crosses, crucifixes, rosaries, religious medals, images of Christ, of the saints, vials of holy water and religious icons. Feel free to wear them as necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, even belt buckles. Load yourself up! Adorn yourself with these symbols generously! For additional protection, it would also be a great idea to decorate your house using the same symbols. Further, I recommend having these items blessed by an appropriate member of the clergy. (Personally, I prefer Roman Catholic clergy when blessing items to protect against demonic possession; however Greek Orthodox or Episcopal clergy are also very effective. I have found items blessed by Presbyterian clergy are the least effectual for some reason. However, having and item blessed is better than one not blessed at all.)

4. Do not play games with your soul. It is wise to avoid entering any contests or making any wagers with the devil, especially ones where the prize is control over your soul. And for heaven’s sake, do not enter into any musical contests, like a fiddle contest like the one that was held when the devil went down to Georgia. The odds are super-naturally stacked against you and you are likely to lose the contest and your soul.

5. Do not enter any Gateways into Hell. (This includes not only Hell, but gateways into any demonic dimensions or evil alternate realities.) Often, the very act of passing through a Gateway into Hell, no matter how innocent, can lead to demonic possession. Furthermore, it is wise to not enter, but not to even open any gateway to in the first place. Personally, I don’t even knock on, or ring the bell of, or wipe your feet on the welcome mat in front the Gateway of Hell. Walk quickly past the gateway, and don’t even turn your head to look at it. It’s for the best, really.

6. Avoid becoming a “Bride of Satan”. This step is self explanatory. Any spouse of a demon is likely to be completely and totally possessed by that demon. Demons tend to be jealous, controlling, and needy lovers and it does not become any better when you finally agree to marry them. As tempting as the dream wedding may seem, it really is not worth it, even with a strong prenuptial agreement. Total corruption of your immortal soul after marriage in inevitable.

7. Do not allow yourself to be sacrificed in any ritual to any demon at any time. Voluntarily participating as a ritualistic sacrifice to a demon is a bad idea. Not only do you agree to a brutally painful and savage end your possibly cheerless and miserable life, but it pretty much guarantees your soul being trapped in the fires of hell for all eternity.

8. In general avoid opening your soul to demonic entities by behavior considered “bad”. I call this the “Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll” step. The likeliness of demonic possession decreases exponentially if you remove all sex, drugs and rock music from your life. Statically, studies have shown that sober, classically trained virgin musicians are the least likely candidates for demonic possession.

As you can see, you do not need to be a religious fanatic or a paranoid delusional zombie in order to successfully avoid demonic possession. These steps are not only easy, but many are downright fun! With some good old fashioned common sense and these eight easy steps, you can dramatically lower your chances of suffering from this terrible fate.


  1. is there a symbol or spell i can tattoo on my body that would forbid evil possession of any kind ? i already have a crucifix the size of & on my back. Just want to make sure it never happens. help ???

    1. Get an ancient protection rune. It helped me when my sister thought it would be a good Idea to open a portal between worlds, so if anyone steps in her room the demon will first scare you, if you don't leave it will physically hurt you, and I don't want to find out what happens next. I don't know if others have come through. This terrifies me still, and my mom had me get a tattoo done by my other sister, and I'm only 12.

    2. I... was once a girl now I live in the heart of plastic who am I?

  2. There's no real symbol or spell that can prevent evil possession , however you can get your tatoo blessed by a priest . My mom has a tatoo of a decate on her wrist and its blessed .

    Being the first born son in the family , its very scary ,especially when I was in a haunted house . At that time I was 4yrs old and I slept alone in my own room .The haunting was worse than paranormal activities, instead of the entity trying to scare someone by opening a door or something , it already started attacking my father physically by dragging him across the pathway and did strange stuff to the tv and so on .It also turned the cross that we had nailed on our door .

    The entity didn't like my mom and always disappeared when she came to help my father , but the strangest of all it never used to come in my room , there was no spiritual objects and I never wore anything to fend off the entity .

    The only way to help my father was for him to convert to christianity , and he wore a brown scapular which he never took off his neck up to this day .

    I'm not a spiritual person , I don't even like going to church , but even now I'm still shocked as why this entity never try to possess me or come near me .

    The best advice I can give you is :
    •avoid all paranormal interactions as possible , avoid talking to the entity by means of wegee board , recording ect.
    •entity are more likely to possess you when you are alone and vulnerable ,so prevent entities from entering your house by sprinkling salt all over your house and make a cross on your door by using either blessed olive oil or blessed palm ashes
    •place your scapular on your room wall , it serves as a barrier
    •place blessed medals near your room windows.
    •avoid negative energy and emitting negative energy
    •if you are confronted by the entity , say a prayer , mostly St michael , our father or hail mary ( that's what I use as this is effective )
    •get a priest to bless your house
    •if you have no prayers to say and you are in danger of the entity , say this line " satan ,your powers are broken , I ask you to leave and let me go in Jesus name", ( one of the exorsists that I know uses this line frequently and it works ) .

    I am now 17 yrs old and I've since learned about the paranormal , I witnessed many exorcisms and possessions in my life and I can tell you its freaky .and just to let you know , a possessed person has dilated eyes and has superhuman strength . My 13 year old cousin was possessed and it took 6 people to hold him down . If you want to know more you can email me at

    1. Dude they are just live humans with electronic amplification messing with people


  3. I grew up in a house of demons. A life without them seems unreal but fathomable. It first started with constant fighting at the age of two. I realized that I had become possessed as well around the age of five, started really fighting myself emotionally at twelve and spoke with these energetic entities to ask to be 18 so that I could get away from the possession. Needless to say, they granted my wish by being heavily active until then. Now that I am 18, even as my perspective is extremely altered 90% of the time, I'm working on a strategy to keep myself safe and free from possession so that I may rise above and live a healthy, happy life. It's nothing too serious, I guess.. but it's definitely extremely and dangerously stressful. I wonder what their goal is; Are they just feeding off of our negative energy? The worst part is when you have sympathy for them and you spend a large amount of your time trying to help them and understand why they have such ugly perspectives. I think that this action alone could be considered a form of love or acceptance. With no personal interests and only living a life of loving and hating possession, they really are single minded. I just wish that I could heal them so that I may begin to heal myself and try to help my family as well. For now, I just try to do the opposite of what they would do and hope to get by without fighting the others or being attacked by them. Best of luck to anyone who is dealing with this, anything similar or just anything at all, really. Namaste! ^^

  4. Dealing with good, bad and demonic spirits now. Had incubus attack, my husband has been attacked, home haunted and chased out even follows us in the car, some give warnings that brought profound things to light. Learning how to banish, protect and prevent possession. It's become a real issue and no wonder I was not subject to being possessed when I was a Virgin classical musician as stated in statistics. Sigh. Looks like I'll be heading back towards that life again because this is something I would watch on TV not actually live it and do not wish to! Very unsettling. I don't want to believe, but it's very real. :(

    1. Maybe, since you mentioned watching this life on TV, you could watch Supernatural?