Tuesday, June 9, 2009

10 Questions to Stimulate Conversation on a First Date

The first date is often the hardest. Here you are, talking with a virtual stranger with very few obvious commonalities or history, forced together in a social setting, trying to get to know each other while trying to impress one another. Personally, the worst part of a first date is the awkward pauses in conversation when you both run out of things to talk about.

I always say, it is best to be prepared! I recommend having some stimulating questions memorized that you can ask to ask to keep the conversation going. I have compiled my personal favorite 10 first date questions, which are light and topical, yet will break the ice, help you find out a little bit about your date, and allow you have a little fun while you are doing it. They have been hugely successful for me, and it is my hope they will be as successful for you.

1. Have you had any type of exotic parasite?

2. What is the strangest thing you have put in your mouth?

3. What is the more terrifying possibility, that there is no God, or that there is a God, but he just doesn’t care?

4. If given the choice, would you rather admit that you are a liar or an idiot?

5. Who do you think was the hottest Republican First Lady: Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush or Laura Bush?

6. If civilization were to collapse, and only your family has managed to survive, which one of your siblings would you reproduce with in order to repopulate the Earth?

7. What is the distinction you make between the concepts of Justice and Revenge?

8. What is your favorite dinosaur?

9. What is the most illegal activity you feel comfortable doing regularly?

10. What motivates you act in an ethical manner: the fear of punishment, the desire to acclimate to social norms, or because doing Good is reward in itself?
These are my favorite first date questions - I would love to hear yours!


  1. Favorite First Date Questions?

    1) Do you have any STD's
    2) Can you prove it?
    3) Do you have any condoms?
    4) Do you have any hotter friends?
    5) Do they have a gag reflex?

    The date usually ends at that point, as we either leave to party hearty somewhere, or I get slapped, so the need for more than that 5 is inconsequential.

  2. #6 is a real winner.

  3. Exactly which one of their siblings did your parents choose to spawn you, because these suggestions could only come from an inbred tard. Honestly

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