Friday, June 26, 2009

101 Reasons the Twitter Phenomenon is Bad

Let's face it - even though we seem to be caught up in some type of "Twitter Revolution", Twitter is really, really bad. Personally, I will never use Twitter for the following reasons. All of these reasons are true, are verifiable and have been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt:

1. Twitter is bad for the economy
2. Twitter causes blood clots
3. Twitter causes global warming
4. Twitter corrupts traditional family values
5. Twitter makes you go blind
6. Twitter promotes lewd behavior
7. Twitter looks funny
8. Twitter is in our air
9. Twitter kills your brain cells
10. Twitter is attributed to the rise in domestic violence
11. Jesus never used Twitter
12. Twitter hardens your arteries
13. Twitter is vaguely French
14. Twitter depletes the Ozone Layer
15. Twitter reduces the oxygen in your bloodstream
16. Twitter makes your face stick that way
17. Twitter makes you wet the bed
18. Twitter kills baby seals with a bat
19. Twitter gives you the hick-ups
20. Twitter helps the terrorists
21. Twitter is linked to tooth decay
22. Twitter makes you gay
23. Twitter causes constipation
24. Twitter is ruining society
25. Twitter is high in trans-fats
26. Twitter causes migraines
27. Twitter breaking down the glue that holds us together
28. Twitter is destroying religion
29. Twitter makes the baby Jesus cry
30. Twitter is an abomination
31. Twitter smells bad
32. Twitter makes you go deaf
33. Twitter sounds strange
34. Twitter eats you from the inside
35. Twitter causes acne
36. Twitter is illegal in some states
37. Twitter is immoral
38. Twitter is disgusting
39. Twitter is anti-American
40. Twitter has no nutritional value
41. Twitter cannot be traced
42. Twitter is homophobic
43. Twitter is void where prohibited
44. Twitter cannot be proven
45. Twitter is a false god
46. Twitter is alien
47. Twitter is abusive
48. Twitter makes your hair fall out
49. Twitter shrinks your testicles
50. Twitter is the anti-Christ
51. Twitter is flea ridden
52. Twitter is repetitive, Twitter is repetitive, Twitter is repetitive, Twitter is repetitive
53. Twitter is anti-Semitic
54. Twitter reduces your sperm count
55. Twitter makes you sterile
56. Twitter makes you a bad mother
57. Twitter is anti-Christian
58. Twitter is found in your drinking water
59. Twitter is racist
60. Twitter is too liberal
61. Twitter is too conservative
62. Twitter is part of a plot to destroy the world
63. Twitter is subversive
64. Twitter is dirty
65. Twitter is radioactive
66. Twitter is part of the gay agenda
67. Twitter wastes energy
68. Twitter is dangerous
69. Twitter is infected
70. Twitter will survive nuclear war with the cockroaches
71. Twitter is mean
72. Twitter is intrusive
73. Twitter is addictive
74. Twitter is not green
75. Twitter is inedible
76. Twitter will possess you
77. Twitter will take away your Constitutional Rights
78. Twitter will poison you
79. Twitter will smother you in your sleep
80. Twitter will make you go insane
81. Twitter will make you write long lists
82. Twitter will make you incontinent
83. Twitter will make you lose your memory
84. Twitter causes insomnia
85. Twitter is evil
86. Twitter promotes promiscuity
87. Twitter is a leading cause of Breast Cancer
88. Twitter might be used as a weapon of mass destruction
89. Twitter is toxic
90. Twitter should not be handled by children under the age of 4
91. Twitter has been found in our food
92. Twitter has been found in a shark’s stomach
93. Twitter is linked to Autism
94. Twitter can cause teenage suicide
95. Twitter should be recalled
96. Twitter saps your strength
97. Twitter takes away your will to live
98. Twitter may have some side effects
99. Twitter is rat infested
100. Twitter causes a loss of appetite
101. Hitler used Twitter

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