Friday, June 19, 2009

Why You Should Always Do A Background Check Before You Say "I Do"

Wedding canceled over porn secret
Former fiance issues an apology
By LILY FU, Special Contributor

LONDON - A woman has decided to cancel her wedding after finding out her fiance is a porn star.

The Telegraph reports that Haylie Hockling, 27, found out that Jason Brake, 30, was making adult movies without her knowledge just weeks before the big day. Hockling found out about his secret life after her friend who was organizing her bachelorette party was searching for male strippers online. She came across a porn movie that featured Brake and another woman.

"There was no way I could marry an adult film star," Hockling said. "I don't know if I will ever be able to trust a man again."

Brake had told Hockling that he was a personal trainer and admitted to her that he was making films on the side before they met. "The sex side is purely for the camera, but Haylie did not understand I was only acting," Brake said. "I am sorry and did not want to hurt her. I still love Haylie and would have stopped doing porn if she had asked me to."
(PS - this picture is not Jason Brake - its Mark Spitz)

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