Thursday, June 25, 2009

How to Be a Mind-Blowing Kisser: 7 Lucky Tips That Will Help You Get Lucky!

1. Make your kisses as wet as possible. It isn't a coincidence that being without a date is called a "dry spell". A mind blowing kisser will drown that drought with sodden, sloppy kisses. For most people, it can't be wet enough. You can ensure a mind blowing kiss if you make the entire face, neck and ears damp with saliva.

2. Cover their entire mouth with yours. I call this technique "the oxygen mask" because you can give them life giving oxygen with your lungs. Start by imagining your partner as a resuscitation dummy at a CPR class. It is fun to see if you can force enough air into the kiss to fully inflate their cheeks. This is literally a mind "blowing" kiss!

3. Use your tongue as forcefully as possible during a kiss. Spelunking in caves is fun, but spelunking in your partner's mouth during an extended kiss is even more fun! See how far you can get your tongue in their mouth, then probe around their gums and teeth. Pretend to be a dental hygienist and explore each nook and cranny of their mouth with yours.

4. Bring into play your teeth as much as possible. God put those pearly whites in your mouth for a reason! Make sure to rub your teeth against their teeth as much as possible and punctuate your passion by adding a few sharp bites and nips to the their tongue and lips. Every mind blowing kisser knows this will drive your partner wild!

5. Keep your eyes wide open during the kiss. We all know that it is vitally important to be aware of your surroundings at all times, and no time is more important then during a lengthy, passionate kiss. This way you are sure not to miss anything that may be happening around your during your kiss or miss anything good showing on TV.

6. A good kisser remembers that it is important to use more than just your mouth during a mind blowing kiss: make sure you remember to employ your hands! While in the middle of the kiss, rub their belly or pat them on the head like a puppy. Personally, I favor wobbling the loose skin under my kissing partner's arm during a passionate kiss. This always drives them wild!

7. Finally, don't be too quick to brush your teeth or floss before a mind blowing kiss. A mind blowing kisser leaves a natural bouquet of flavor in their mouth. You enjoyed your last meal, maybe your kissing partner will too!!

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