Tuesday, June 30, 2009

10 Super Duper Fun Activities to Do With Small Children on Rainy Days

Rainy days can be fun with these indoor activities for your school-aged child. These games and activities are perfect rainy-day distractions. Use these ideas and the kids may actually start wishing for more rainy days!

1. Crime Scene Investigations: Let the kids get really imaginative and come up with and plan a perfect crime. They might want to create the perfect crime individually, or, they might want to get together and plan the crime together. Have them write out the overall scope of the crime and the supplies they will need to commit the crime without getting caught. Who knows, they might never realize what a learning experience they are having, all in the name of having fun.

2. Revelations: Have the children create survival plans for the family for probable apocalyptic scenarios that threaten to destroy the world. Then let them play the roles of the folks who will help you survive the total collapse of society. Let them dress up in whatever you may have on hand and pretend to be the government officials, nurses, policemen or firemen. Let their imaginations save them and the whole family from the destruction of the world.

3. Mission Impossible. Give your child a bar of soap and a pack of matches. The first child to successfully light a match using only the bar of soap gets to have dinner. Only you need to know that this is an impossible task, but they are sure to be occupied for hours!

4. Have the kids create a brand new language and then have them translate their entire library of children’s books into this new language from English.

5. Bug Scavenger Hunt. The child that finds the most species of insects found within the home wins. Assign a point value to the obscurity of the species found, how poisonous the insect is or the number of legs or tentacles each bug has. Make sure they free the insects once all the points have been tallied!

6. Bangladeshi Factory Game. Pull out that old sewing machine, and see who can make the most gloves within 10 hours. To make the experience really realistic, provide only a thin rice soup for lunch and have them take a nap on a small mat on the floor. To really inspire the kid’s creativity, tell them that the child who makes the most gloves gets to be the factory manager the next time it rains!

7. Oedipus Complex: let the children create a chorus of stuffed animals dressed in masks and togas they have created, and then have them re-enact your favorite Greek Tragedy. Use the plays of Sophocles, Aeschylus, or Phrynichus in the original ancient Greek.

8. Give them a piece of Pi. Have the children calculate Pi (the ratio of any circle's circumference to its diameter) to the furthest integer. The child that gets the longest number while the rain falls… wins!

9. Cowboys & Indians: Let the kids gather blankets, sheets, pillows, couch cushions and whatever they think makes the perfect tent. Have them make slot machines and roulette tables out of cardboard boxes and crayons to put inside the tents. Provide cowboy hats for the whole family and invite them in the tents to gamble and eat a delicious buffet inside.

10. Murder She Wrote: This is more exciting if you can get Grandma to join in on the fun! Recreate your favorite crime scene using household products and Grandma playing the role of “The Victim”. Plant clues as to who committed the murder, and have the children solve the crime, CSI style.


  1. Hi, would like to share this in your kid activities too.


  2. This was laugh-out-loud funny. So much so that I had to read each one to my husband who was annoyed that I kept laughing and not sharing! It was like a wonderful parody of a list a homeschool family would follow for a rainy day! Great wit and delivery! Lori Roeleveld

  3. Thanks Lori! That is high praise from my drill sarge!!