Thursday, August 6, 2009

10 Steps to Having a Good First Day at a New Job

The first day on the job is very important; you only get one chance to make a great first impression! Put your best foot forward and make a lasting impact on your new co-workers your new boss. Instead of haphazardly juggling paperwork, introductions, and your nerves, these 10 steps will help you keep a good sense of perspective and focus as you take on the wild new world that is your workplace.

1. Relax: It’s natural to be somewhat uptight on your first day. Help yourself to relax by having a few strong cocktails before you head into your first day of work. If you are running a little late, do a few shots of tequila to loosen yourself up before you arrive on your big first day. While being excited is good, you don’t want to come across as uncomfortable either. If you are still nervous after you get to your new job, ask one of your new co-workers if they would mind giving you a neck massage! This is a great way to get to know some of the people you are going to work with and relax at the same time.

2. Show your new co-workers how much you know: Make sure that you are doing your best to actually show everyone why they hired you in the first place! Tell your new co-workers at every opportunity how talented you are, how valuable you were in your last job, and how much money you make. It is important to place yourself in a position of authority the second you walk through the door on your first day at the office.

3. Don’t ask too many questions: Questions are a sign of weakness and ignorance. You have to make a strong first impression, so do not ask any questions your first day. It is better to make assumptions and then hide your mistakes then to show any signs that you do not know something about the new company you work for.

4. Let others take care of the paperwork and hoops-jumping for you: You will almost certainly have lots of meaningless paperwork, and you will probably have to set up your email, get a new phone, get a laptop, and set up your voice mail as well. Go ahead and take care of these chores by delegating them to someone else. Prove to everyone that you are too busy and too valuable to be doing the tedious minutia yourself!

5. Get up to speed on the inner workings of the company: Ask your boss and your co-workers to give you the scoop on the office politics, the inter-office romances and the latest scandals within the company. Ask your co-workers how much they are being paid and who is about to be fired. Leave no stone unturned! It is important to be in the know on these things, and your first day is the best day to let everyone know that you will shortly know all their business as well!

6. Focus on your first opportunity to talk about your value: While the day is probably full of introductions and orientation, you will soon have your first opportunity to demonstrate your worth to the organization. Don’t feel uncomfortable blowing your own horn or patting yourself on your own back. If you don’t – nobody else will either! It’s always great to tell your new co-workers how sad your old company way to loose you and how much they cried and tried to keep you to stay when you left.

7. Compile a contacts list: Make sure to ask about the best customers of your new company, and try to compile a list of their personal contact information. It is also important to compile a list of all the home address and personal information of your supervisors and co-workers. I also suggest you post this information in an easy to see place in your new work station so that everyone can see that you had the foresight to compile this list. This will set you apart from all your new co-workers.

8. Demonstrate pro-activity when you have downtime: Take a lot of breaks and make a lot of small chit-chat with everyone at your new company on your first day. Hang out in the break room or linger for long periods of time around the water cooler. This will prove to everyone that you are so talented and efficient that you can accomplish your tasks in half the time that it takes your co-workers.

9. Share your ideas for improving the company: In your enthusiasm to make a good impression you will certainly see everything that is wrong with your new job. Let the light of your new perspective shine! Tell everyone you meet how to do their job better, and make sure to vocalize loudly and often everything you would change about the company if you were the boss. People appreciate constructive criticism, and be sure to be open with your criticisms the first day on the job.

10. Quickly Socialize with Your New Co-Workers: When someone settles near your workspace or when you meet them eye to eye, go ahead and introduce yourself. Ask them out for drinks after your first day of work. If they are attractive, then ask them out on a date. Show them how efficient you are by getting a group together to party right after work on your very first day on the job. Don’t forget to invite your boss, and tell everyone who is going to show up that the first round is on him!

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