Wednesday, September 30, 2009

20 Fun Ways To Burn More Calories

One exasperating thing about trying to lose weight is the snail's pace at which the pounds seem to drop. I've come up with 20 easy ways to boost your metabolism by adding fun activities to your day to day life. Just do these easy and fun activities every day, and it should be more than enough to shift your weight loss out of neutral and move it full speed ahead again.

1. Have more rigorous sex. This burns 300 hundred calories each time!

2. Run with the Bulls in Pamplona, dressed in a billowy red dress and cape.

3. Play “taser tag” with the police.

4. Do the Appalachian trail, on a pogo stick

5. Smile. This burns .08 calories!

6. Buy a “Flintstones” style car, where you push it by running your feet through the floor.

7. Play “Frogger” at the Indianapolis 500. Make it more fun by dressing like a frog!

8. Start your own Rick Shaw service. Lose weight and make money!

9. Play full contact lawn darts with your neighbor’s kids.

10. Host a dance-a-thon in your own back yard. Try to out dance everyone in your neighborhood.

11. Clean your house. Clean your friend’s houses. Keep cleaning. Cleaning can burn as many calories are rigorous sex! For more fun, have rigorous sex while cleaning your house, and your friend’s house.

12. Train for the Iditarod, as one of the dogs!

13. Try to break the hula hoop world’s record.

14. Join the Marines, and go to boot camp.

15. Ski more, but don’t take the lift back up the mountain, jog up the mountain!

16. Swim the English Channel. Backwards.

17. Power all your home utilities with your exercise bike.

18. Captain a double Dutch squad.

19. Take a tap-dance course, and then instead of walking, tap-dance wherever you go.

20. Do your Kegel Exercises. It burns as many calories as smiling!

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