Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Want your Ex Girlfriend Back? 10 Signs That She Still Wants You.

Your relationship, for whatever the reason, came to an end. Now you realize that this was a terrible mistake, and you want your ex girlfriend back. How do you tell if she is willing to start over with you?
Perhaps she has moved on and wants nothing to do with you. Or perhaps she still has strong feelings for you. How can you tell? It is impossible to tell exactly how your ex feels. That might have been a reason you broke up in the first place!
The good news is that there are certain signs that you can look for that just might indicate she wants you back. I have compiled a list of those 10 signs that might show that she still wants you.

1. She continually says “I still want you” as she cries and begs for you to take her back. This is a hint that she might be interested in sparking the flames of love with you again. The key here is to not only listen to the words she is saying, and then try to determine what the message she is trying to convey to you non-verbally. When you listen to your heart, and not her sobbing tears, you will know if she wants you back or not.

2. She spray paints the words “lying pig” and “cheating bastard” on the hood of your car. This is a sign that she still cares deeply for you. Analyze the loops of the ‘p’ in ‘pig’. If they are rounded and slightly curved to the left, then she is still deeply in love with you. If the ‘y” in ‘lying” is hangs lower than any other letter, then she may have gotten over you. If the t’s in ‘bastard’ are not crossed in a parallel way, then she might have a tendency to lie. Either way, she felt strongly enough to paint your car so she might feel strongly enough to want you back in her life.

3. She claims you never actually broke up in the first place and refuses to move out and give you the key to your apartment back. I have seen this display time and time again. I have come to the conclusion that this is either a profound display of love, or the actions of a mentally unstable person. You will have to take time to discern which it is.

4. She refuses to open the handcuffs and un-gag you until you promise to take her back. It is especially difficult to know how someone feels when they are notoriously coy and unforthcoming with their true emotions. Try to look into her eyes when she behaves this way, and I am certain you will be able to ascertain whether or not she wants you back as her boyfriend. (Then try to remember your ‘safety’ word.)

5. She exhibits nervous behavior when she kills your children’s pet bunny then boils it in a pot on your stove. Sometimes it’s obvious when someone wants you back. Sometimes it’s obvious when you need to call the police when they want you back that badly.

6. She names her first child after you. This shows that she is very much in love with you and wants to carry a piece of you in the being she loves most in this world, her only child. Or, you have a really great name and she wanted to use it regardless of how poorly she still thinks of you. Or maybe she is not really that creative, and that was the first name she thought of because she doesn’t really even remember you. (On second thought, naming her child after you may not be an indication of anything.)

7. She threatens to blackmail you in order to expose you as the lying, cheating, disgusting pig and fraud that you are. The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. So clearly, she is not indifferent if she is willing to extort you. This is a sign you still have a chance with her.

8. She holds your new girlfriend hostage at gunpoint, hoping to get to see you again. You have to be open to the possibility that she wants you back when she is willing to go through really creative lengths to be this romantic. If she cares enough to do a grand gesture as romantic as this, then I would have to say, ‘wake up and smell the coffee, dude’! She still wants you.

9. She goes to court to get more child support money from you. When this happens, it is so obvious that she is still a smitten kitten, and she wants her little pooh-bear back in her arms where he belongs! Everyone knows that litigation is the shortest distance between two hearts. Open your eyes and your heart and see that she still wants you.. . and some more money.

10. She tries to run you over with her car in a deserted parking lot, and then claims it was an accident. Twice. How can she be more obvious? Stop being so dumb, this girl is still madly in love with you!

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