Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When it’s Too Late to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back.

No matter what they say, breaking up is not the hardest thing to do. Getting back together with your girlfriend after you broke up with her is actually the hardest thing to do. I encourage you to always follow your heart; however, sometimes you have to read the subtle hints that it is too late to rekindle the relationship. When the indications are that she has moved on, you have to realize that it is just too late:restarting the relationship at this point would be impossible. Here are five examples of when it is truly too late to get your ex-girlfriend back.

1. She seems really happy in her relationship with her new girlfriend.

2. After serving as a Navy W.A.V.E .in WWII, she went on to have a wonderful career, married and raised a terrific family, and is now living out her golden years with her husband of 60 years in a beautiful assisted living complex in Florida, taking water color classes and yoga on the beach.

3. She has requested not to have visitors at the Poughkeepsie Hospital for the Criminally Insane, where she was institutionalized after the trial that she was found guilty of trying to kill you at your family reunion shortly after the break-up.

4. She took her final vows as a Sister if Mercy and moved to Guinea-Bissau to serve the poor by founding a hospital for those suffering from leprosy and tuberculosis.

5. They day (which also happened to be her birthday) after you broke up with her (via a text message) to go on a date with the girl (who was also her best friend) who ended up dumping you (on your birthday), she won the largest payout in lottery history (312 million dollars).

6. She doesn’t come to pick you up the day you are released from prison.

7. She can’t seem to remember your name or that you even dated. When you remind her of the specifics, she nods knowingly, laughs and says “Oh! Now I remember you. Yeah, no thanks.”

8. She is happily recovering from her final gender reassignment surgery and has begun her new life as "Frank".

9. She died last week.

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